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Distance Learning (DL) is one of the sectors most affected by investments in digital technologies. The objectives concern the improvement of the learner’s experience through interaction, making the training more pleasant, immediate and efficient.

Also 2020 will be affected by strong technological investments and, compared to 2019, the main reason lies in the entry into employment of the people belonging to Generation Z.


Gen Z are those born between 1995 and 2010. They need to be taken into account because, by 2020, they will represent 20% of the total workforce. For this reason, it is easy to understand how the world of education, and consequently the LMS (learning management system), need to take into consideration the peculiarities of these workers in order to offer them unique and effective experiences.

The members of Generation Z have been defined as the most diversified generation in history and, for this reason, several researches have been carried out to identify the distinctive features of the members of Gen Z:

From the description it emerges how distance learning and the use of LMS are crucial to capture the attention of this new category of workers.


Let us briefly examine some of the essential features that all the LMS platforms will need to have in order to be “tailored” to Gen Z:

Globally, the technologies that Gen-Z requires from their employers include:

In the current scenario of business training, the level of personalisation of an employee’s training programme can be the starting or breaking point between the conservation and the loss of talent. The active participation of the employees (particularly those of Generation Z) to the development of these training programmes helps the organisations to exploit and understand the skills they already have and the ones they still need to improve.

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