Development of serious games

Is the result of VITECO’s long experience across Europe in designing and developing LMS, learning objects, educational and serious games.
VITECO aims to instill a learning-by-doing approach to learners, on one hand reducing inhibitions towards learning and on the other hand developing operational capabilities and transversal skills.
Through an edutainment approach, a mix of entertainment and education, learners are involved in an interactive, multimedia and multisensory experience (role-playing games, ability games, quizzes, runners, puzzles) that lead to take decision and develop strategies to improve their attitude.

VITECO develops educational games intuitive and appealing for players.
VITECO has developed a set of serious games funded by the European Parliament for #MissionEurope, designed in seven languages in order to spread European Parliament activities among young people.

Our international partners

Our serious games

These are some serious games. Find out how to learn while having fun!

VITECO 3D Simulation Game

VITECO 3D Simulation Game is a DEMO videogame in Italian and English for smartphones, tablets and PCs developed with PlayCanvas WebGL to support customers.

Follow the tutorial and start playing!

REAction S.G.

REAction S. G. is a serious game with a strong emotional impact, intended for those wishing to enter health professions such as nursing or social work. Choose from 5 available scenarios and start playing!

The Algebraic Garden

The game The Algebraic Garden is a jump-and-run-style game. The player can jump over objects and run left or right.  Are you ready to run going across garden?

Building a City

You always wanted to plan villages, towns, cities, etc. But before the planning committee will hire you, they have prepared a number of tests for you! Let’s do it, come on!

Deli Shop

DELI SHOP is available for both PCs and smartphones. Thanks to the game you learn maths having fun! Better do your math if you don’t want get fired!

Junk Food

JUNK FOOD is available for both PCs and smartphones. You are a King Alien and you want to taste all the dishes in the world. Try to eat just healthy.

The Math Princess' Tower

The game The Math Princess’ Tower aims to free a princess who is in the fifteenth room on the third floor of a tower. One  test and 5 obstacles: can you handle that?


In the game Moneybox the role of the player is to count how much money there are in money box after each round. Euro coins come to and leave from the money box, in 10 rounds.

Trash Buster

TRASH BUSTER is a videogame, available for both PCs and smartphones. You are a small alien and you love the planet earth, but it is fool of trash!

Trip Europe

TRIP EUROPE is a videogame, available for both PCs and smartphones. You will travel all over Europe discovering new places and knowing new teachers.

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