Deli Shop

DELI SHOP is available for both PCs and smartphones. You’re a restaurant’s employere and by serving clients you will learn math. Keep attention to your orders if you don’t want to be fired!

The game is powered by Viteco with the project “immiMATH” co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project and its serious games aim to develop, test and disseminate e-learning software for teaching mathematics in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. The software provides teachers training activities focused in particular on migrant students.

Thanks to games like DELI SHOP, teachers and teachers’ trainers can benefit from having an e-learning software specifically designed for teaching and learning of mathematics in multicultural classrooms which have been proven to work in several countries; for migrant students to benefit from using the math software by easier reaching their learning goals and increasing their motivation in learning mathematics; for all students (migrant and non-migrant) to benefit from the e-learning software and from teachers who can convey the principle that a multitude of cultures and languages in a learning.

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