Lo SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) è lo standard internazionale più utilizzato al mondo per la creazione di corsi FAD per la formazione a distanza. Lo SCORM è un insieme di standard e di protocolli che fanno in modo che un dato contenuto formativo sia catalogabile, tracciabile e riutilizzabile in diversi ambienti o piattaforme LMS per la formazione.

I corsi SCORM permettono un approccio formativo dinamico e interattivo, rendendo possibile la creazione sia di corsi statici, che di attività dinamiche che coinvolgono il discente attraverso video, slide interattive, il trascinamento di oggetti, animazioni e audio. Per dialogare con la piattaforma ospitante e inviare ad essa informazioni di tracciamento, questo oggetto dovrà inoltre implementare un protocollo di comunicazioni.

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is the most used international standard in the world for realising Distance Education courses. SCORM is a set of standards and protocols that make a training content catalogable, traceable and reusable in different environments or LMS (Learning Management System) training platforms.

The SCORM courses allow a dynamic and interactive training approach. They make it possible to create both static courses and dynamic activities, involving the learner through videos, interactive slides, dragging of objects, animations and audio.

To communicate with the hosting platform and send tracking information to it, this object must also implement a communications protocol.

VITECO e-learning platforms support all SCORM versions and are designed to meet the latest training needs. Public and private bodies (training institutions, public administration, universities, schools, companies, etc.) can now  implement their own technological structure, thanks to the support of instruments such as facial recognition, integration with WordPress, validation from the Agenas for Distance Learning MCE (Medicine Continuing Education) courses and integrated e-commerce.

Our client companies deal with job security, taxation, training and updating of employees, training of health personnel and much more. If you are thinking of adopting the SCORM format for your Distance Learning courses to modernise your company, contact us and we will find the solution that best suits the needs of your company!

How does SCORM works?

A SCORM content is a .ZIP package that contains within it an XML file that describes its structure, contents and any requirements and prerequisites, in addition to the training content to be delivered. A SCORM-compatible LMS (Learning Management System) can accept any content that is also compatible with SCORM and can make it available to course users. An e-learning content is able to communicate with the environment that hosts it and indicate numerous parameters, including:

  • The completion of the vision;
  • The duration of the access sessions;
  • The number of accesses or attempts;
  • A progress bookmark within the course.

Some courses contain quizzes, in this case the SCORM communicates to the platform the completion or not of the test and its score.

SCORM for distance learning

With the term Distance Learning (DL) we refer to a set of educational activities that does not require the co-presence of teachers and learners in the same place, as it can be provided online. Its fields of application involve not only professional updating, but also university, post-diploma and post-graduate courses.

To use the DL courses, it is sufficient to have an internet connection, a device that allows the reception and registration of information and an interactive course management platform. The platform is accessed by inserting your username and password, then you can register for the available courses and attend them online. Distance learning optimises the learning process and provides the user with a series of information without any constraint and, at the same time, it gives the opportunity to deepen the notions received through interactive sessions and share them with other distance learners.

Advantages of distance learning with SCORM

By the advent of online training, learning is no longer just individual or passive, but becomes a complex and dynamic process where the learner has an active role. Thanks to the new technologies adopted in the e-learning field, learning becomes more collaborative and cooperative. In fact, distance learning fosters professional growth and updating, using an innovative method compared to the traditional classroom course. It represents the right response to the training needs of the market, which has undergone a radical change in recent years.

It overcomes space and time limits

It reduces teaching costs

It offers on-demand interactive audiovisual materials