VITECO 3D Simulation Game

VITECO 3D Simulation Game is a simple videogame developed by VITECO to show how, using WebGL libraries in the PlayCanvas environment, it’s possible to create cross-platform cloud-based videogames.

The character you will control in the game is Ciccio, a friendly employee struggling with virtual reality. Face the challenges of the simulation room: hit “entities” to throw them, knock them down, make them change colour or destroy them. Return to the centre of the room with a tap on the screen and face the challenges again.

VITECO 3D Simulation Game shows how well the PlayCanvas graphics engine is suited for the production of 2D, 3D serious games and general gamification.

Read the tutorial, explore the map, change the language, turn on/off the sound. The touch controls and virtual joystick allow you to control Ciccio with ease, letting him interact with the scene in which he is immersed.

Key features:

Explore virtual reality with Ciccio, play now!

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