e-learning on the rise: benefits and features

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In recent years, e-learning has become a key element in training, experiencing exponential growth. But how to make the most of this opportunity? Let’s take a look at some hints and tips.

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What is e-learning

e-learning is a learning method that uses today’s digital technologies (PCs, tablets and smartphones) to deliver educational content; it can be synchronous or asynchronous, depending on whether or not it requires the simultaneous presence of teachers and learners.

e-learning can include everything, from online school or university courses to webinars for personal, professional and corporate training; they are delivered via video lectures, e-book manuals, simulations and interactive exercises.


Why is it important?

e-learning has no time or space constraints, everyone can train at their own rhythm; moreover, there is a reduction in the production and dissemination costs of online courses, which are significantly lower than for traditional training.

Read on to discover the main benefits of e-learning.


Thanks to this learning mode, students can access learning materials wherever there is a (good) Internet connection. This makes learning much more accessible, both for those who are physically unable to attend classes due to disabilities and for those who live in remote areas, such as rural areas, or have personal or work commitments.


A significant benefit that e-learning enjoys is flexibility. Students follow their own rhythms, better balancing learning with other commitments. Moreover, they are given the opportunity to repeat lessons or modules until the material is fully assimilated.


e-learning allows for greater customisation. Well-designed online course platforms offer learning material that can be customised to each student’s individual needs, which enhances learning.


Lastly, e-learning is convenient; how so? Without the need to move from place to place for lectures, students save time and money. Moreover, many e-learning platforms offer learning materials that can also be downloaded and consulted offline, thus making learning more versatile.

e-learning on the rise

During the pandemic period, which forced schools and universities to limit face-to-face teaching, e-learning experienced significant growth.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global e-learning market is expected to be worth 375.8 billion dollars in 2026 and have an annual growth rate of around 14.6%. Some of the factors driving this growth are:

Benefits for companies

Here are some examples of the benefits that e-learning offers to companies.

Increased productivity

e-learning can help entrepreneurs improve the productivity of their co-workers and employees.

Cost reduction

Companies can save up to 70% on cost items such as trainers’ fees, classroom rental, travel, stationery, etc.


e-learning makes allow training content to be designed and disseminated to a large number of employees quickly and cost-effectively.

Continuous updating

It’s possible to easily modify and update the content created, both in response to regulatory changes and to business needs.

Performance monitoring

e-learning tools allow the progress of each user to be tracked and validated analytically.

More engagement

Innovative methodologies, such as gamification and virtual reality (VR), increase engagement and improve learner outcomes.

Training credits

e-learning courses often award certificates that are spendable in the world of work as well as for continuing vocational training.

e-learning platforms

e-learning platforms are websites that offer the possibility to follow or create distance learning courses on various topics and with various levels of difficulty. There are different types of platforms for online courses, depending on the features, prices, quality and certification of the courses.

To see a list of the best ones, we refer you to the dedicated article. However, if you are looking for a platform to deliver and sell online courses that is user-friendly and has innovative features, we recommend e-Logos by VITECO.

Equipped with the Facial Recognition System and an integrated e-commerce interface, it’s ideal for those training organisations wishing to distinguish themselves from others or for schools and universities that decide to focus on distance learning (DL).

For more information on the e-Logos platform, contact us by filling in the contact form below or call us at +390955865339, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

e-learning: an opportunity to seize

e-learning is a business opportunity to be seized, a learning method that will continue to grow and develop, becoming an integral part of training processes. Knowing how to make the most of it already today and being aware of what it can offer is essential.

With its accessibility, flexibility, customisation and convenience, it really has the potential to make education, and the world of distance learning in general, smarter.

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