online training and B2B e-learning platforms

Online training and B2B e-learning platforms [complete guide]

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In the era of digital transition, online training is experiencing a real revolution thanks to the development of e-learning platforms. More and more companies are using them as opposed to traditional methods.

The main benefits of online training are flexibility and customisation. Moreover, e-learning courses can be taken anytime and anywhere, allowing learners to train at their own pace and needs. And it doesn’t end there: content can be easily updated and adapted to specific business needs.

Online training today represents an unmissable opportunity. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and opportunities offered by e-learning platforms in general and in B2B.

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What is online training?

Online training, or e-learning, is an approach to education that uses technology to its advantage to provide training courses and learning materials.

Examples of online training include:

E-learning platforms such as e-Logos offer a wide range of courses and resources, allowing users to customise their learning path according to personal needs and goals.

The role of e-learning platforms

e-Learning platforms, or LMSs (Learning Management Systems), are digital tools that facilitate online training. They can include features such as course management, tracking students’ progress, interaction between students and teachers, and much more.

e-Learning platforms represent an innovative way of learning, enabling people to enhance their skills through the intelligent use of the Internet and specially designed online courses.

Online training, on the other hand, is increasingly popular and in demand in both the academic and professional worlds because it offers numerous advantages over traditional classroom training. Let us see what they are.

online training and B2B e-learning platforms

Online training benefits in general

Online training is a powerful tool for development and growth. Companies, for example, can use e-learning platforms to train their employees, improve their professional skills and increase their productivity.

Here are the main advantages and opportunities offered by online training.

1. Flexibility

Online training allows you to choose when, where and how to study, according to your needs and time availability. There are no time, location or attendance constraints. Online courses can be accessed from any device connected to the Net, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone, and lessons can be followed in synchronous (live) or asynchronous (recorded) mode.

2. Saving

Online training results in considerable savings in time and money, both for the course provider and the course participant. The costs and travel associated with face-to-face training, such as travel, transport, accommodation, teaching materials, etc., are avoided. In addition, online courses are often less expensive than classroom-based courses due to reduced running and maintenance costs.

3. Quality

e-Learning offers the possibility to access high quality content, produced by experts and updated in real time. The potential of digital technologies such as videos, audio, animations, simulations, games, etc. can be exploited to make learning more effective, interactive and engaging. Online training, then, encourages continuous feedback and evaluation, thanks to tests, quizzes, exercises, etc. that allow progress and results to be monitored.

4. Customisation

Online training allows you to tailor courses to your needs, preferences and learning objectives. One can choose the level of difficulty, pace of study, training path, topics of interest, etc. One can also interact with teachers and other participants through chats, forums, e-mail, videoconferences, etc. to ask for clarifications, deepen topics, exchange experiences and opinions, create a network of contacts and collaboration.

B2B online training benefits

Online training is particularly suited to the B2B context and the inter-company market, where companies sell products or services to other companies. In this context, online training can be used for various purposes, such as:

1. Training employees

Online training allows you to improve the skills and performance of your employees, increasing their productivity, motivation and satisfaction. Online courses can be provided on various topics, such as safety, regulations, languages, IT, etc., in order to meet staff’s needs for further training and qualification.

2. Training customers

Training and retaining customers is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Indeed, companies can provide online courses to explain the features, functions and advantages of their products or services, to teach how best to use them and to solve any problems or doubts.

3. Training Partners

Online training can also be a great way to consolidate relationships with one’s business partners, such as suppliers, distributors, retailers, etc., thus creating a network of trusted collaborators. Sharing one’s strategies, visions, values, to pass on one’s skills is the most rewarding choice.

Choose the right platform, choose e-Logos

To realise quality online training, it is essential to choose a reliable, secure and functional e-learning platform. Among the many solutions available on the market, one of the most interesting is e-Logos, the customisable e-learning platform from the company VITECO, which is part of the JO Group cluster.

e-Logos stands out for its simplicity, intuitiveness and high degree of customisation. With e-Logos, it is possible to easily create, distribute and manage online training courses, uploading all types of multimedia files, including SCORM, and track courses in compliance with legal requirements. In addition, the platform enables the issuing of course pass certificates and the complete management of users.

e-Logos has integrated e-commerce, so it allows courses to be sold directly from the platform, accepting payment by bank transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

e-Logos is the first e-learning platform to integrate VITECO’s innovative proprietary facial recognition system, which guarantees maximum security and reliability in verifying the identity of course participants.

In short, e-Logos is the ideal e-learning platform for distance learning providers, thanks to its versatility and compatibility with the main operating systems and browsers. It is also the perfect DL platform for schools that want to offer quality, non-trivial distance learning, exploiting the potential of digital technologies to make learning more effective, interactive and engaging.

If you would like to find out more about e-Logos and how it can help you achieve successful online training, explore the VITECO website or contact us to request a free trial. We are waiting for you!

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