Since 2004 VITECO develops LMS and believes in users’ emotional response.
All its solutions aim at enriching the online training experience through the use of the most interactive technologies.
All these methodologies enable the creation of highly-engaging learning experiences.
VITECO offers its experience in the ICT sector to all those companies and public and private entities that want to take advantage from the adoption of in-cloud learning management systems, such as software as service – SaaS.


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Tailored solutions of CME LMS for CME providers

According to the quality requirements of the Ministry of Health for the accreditation in distance learning, VITECO supports CME (Continuing Medical Education) providers in their choice of the teaching strategies and technologies to get effective e-learning experiences.

The services addressed to CME providers are:

Technological services for the public administrations

The internet and the information technologies represent the new learning environment that allows to move from a learning method tied to a fixed and rigid time and place (the school or the university) to a new way of learning always available.
For schools and universities the blended teaching solutions are increasingly common: the traditional frontal lesson, taught in the classroom, is now integrated and supported by online lesson.
The e-learning solutions offered by VITECO make it possible to implement a dynamic teaching methodology and complying with the technical accessibility canons.

Solution designed for companies

Making learning process part of everyday life is one of the main challenges for companies willing to enhance human resources’ skills. VITECO offers many solutions to combine both the traditional teaching methodology with the online one.
It has solutions designed either for SMEs or for large organizations.
For example, if companies need to provide training to their staff on corporate security, they can take advantage from e-Logos. This LMS can be configured to be in line with any legislation as it is based on proprietary software.

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