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elearning LMS for corporate distance learning (DL)

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Corporate training is essential to keep staff up-to-date and prepared to respond to market developments and trends. Many companies still have an expensive and limiting traditional training system; with an elearning platform and new learning management systems (called LMS), companies can revolutionise their training programmes.     

We will shortly analyse the 5 benefits of using an elearning LMS for corporate training and find out those specific to VITECO‘s e-Logos software (see last paragraph).

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What is an e-learning LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is software that allows online training courses and learning programmes to be managed, delivered and monitored. In the corporate environment, it is a useful tool for providing employees with webinars, training courses and certifications. At the same time, the company will be able to monitor the results of its employees across the board, keeping track of the activities carried out and the effectiveness of training programmes.

DL for your employees, why is it useful?

Today, DL is an indispensable resource for companies, especially those that want to ensure a high level of training and refresher courses for their employees; but why is it so useful?

1. Smart working

An e-learning platform allows employees working remotely to take company training courses at any time.

2. Hourly flexibility

With an LMS platform available, it’s the employee who decides when and where to take courses.

3. Continuous updates

Many sectors, such as technology and finance, require constant updates to keep up with market trends. A DL platform can also help your company to publish timely update courses.

4. Customised courses

Each employee, depending on their sector, will have access to specific video courses that will help them increase their skills.If you too wish to provide customised courses and continuous updates to your employees, e-Logos is the ideal solution for efficient and flexible distance learning.

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elearning LMS

elearning LMS: 5 benefits for your company that you should not give up

Implementing an e-learning LMS offers companies numerous benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits:

1. Budget and timeframe

An LMS reduces training costs by eliminating travel expenses, and gives you the opportunity to use a video several times, even for future employees. In addition, distance learning (DL) allows for faster training times than traditional methods.

2. Accessibility and flexibility

Uploaded videos are available 24/7, allowing employees to access training content anywhere, anytime. This flexibility allows employees to follow the course and enhance their learning experience.

3. Monitoring and analysis

LMS software, such as e-Logos, allows constant monitoring of employees’ activities within the platform, so that progress can be assessed, areas for improvement identified and the effectiveness of courses measured.  

4. Customisation of courses

Customising a course improves the employee experience and learning. Each employee can follow a customised training course consisting of videos tailored to their needs, role or industry.

5. Automation

The automation of processes such as the issuing of certificates and the allocation of courses according to the relevant sector allow training managers to focus exclusively on improving the training content.

Choose e-Logos for DL in your company

e-Logos, the e-learning platform developed by VITECO allows you to upload your training courses in a secure and dedicated space for your employees. It’s cloud-based software that facilitates the delivery of company courses.  

 With e-Logos your company will have access to:

How do I manage my employees within the e-Logos LMS?

With e-Logos as an LMS you can add trainees via CSV files or manually, and you can divide them into groups, according to their sector in the company, and assign them courses.

To monitor the progress of the training courses, a test can be inserted at the end of the module to check the skills acquired, and intermediate quizzes can be inserted in the video to test attention during the lessons. From the admin dashboard it is then possible to download reports with the results for each employee.    

Each trainee will have a reserved area in which they can view all the courses they have been assigned, see the progress of their training and add their personal information, which will automatically be included in the course completion certificate. 

Other features of e-Logos are:

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