Microlearning: what it is + 5 best practices for best delivery

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Microlearning, which falls under the broader umbrella of e-learning, is an innovative approach to teaching that divides lessons into small modules or short lessons no longer than 5-10 minutes.

It’s now a trendy buzzword in the world of education and online training in general. What does it mean, though, exactly? What examples of microlearning could we give? And how and where can it best be delivered?

Read the article to find out.

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What is microlearning

Microlearning is based on the theory that learning in “micro” doses can be as effective and engaging as traditional learning, especially in the age of Industry 4.0, where people are used to consuming content in a fast and fragmented manner.

The goal is to provide fast and targeted training that effectively imparts knowledge and skills to users.

Content indeed, in an age of information overload, can be enjoyed in various formats, such as short videos, podcasts, infographics, quizzes, mini-games or interactive simulations. This would make it possible to make the most of that typical human tendency to prefer concise and easy to consume information that can adapt to our current capacity for attention and learning.

Microlearning can be adapted to various contexts, such as:

In addition, it’s particularly useful for obtaining basic information, quick updates or reviewing key concepts and solving specific problems.

Why microlearning is important

We live in an age where time is a precious commodity and should not be wasted. Microlearning, from this perspective, saves a lot of it, but it’s also important for other factors, let’s see which ones.

1. Adaptability to today’s hectic pace

Microlearning adapts perfectly to today’s hectic pace, allowing people to learn at their own speed and lifestyle. For example, you can listen to a micro-lecture on digital marketing during your lunch break or learn a new language during the metro ride to work.

2. Information retention

The brain is able to assimilate and process information better when it’s presented to it in small doses.

3. Customisation

Through the use of online platforms, such as VITECO’s e-Logos, students can choose which courses to take according to their interests and goals, thus creating a tailor-made learning path.

Other reasons why microlearning is important are as follows:

Microlearning best practices

In order to create effective and engaging content to be uploaded on online course platforms such as e-Logos, it’s good to follow 5 best practices.

1. Define goals

Before creating content, you need to be clear about what your goal is and what kind of audience you are addressing, e.g. freelancers vs. employees. This will help you choose the most suitable format, tone and style.

2. Simplifies contents

Contents should be simple, clear and direct and avoid redundant, superfluous or complex information. Language that is accessible to all should be used, rich in examples, images and graphics that facilitate understanding.

3. Enhance them

Yes, you have to enhance the contents so that they remain imprinted in the learners’ memory. How? By structuring them logically, rationally and coherently; therefore use short, striking titles, explanatory subtitles and bullet points that help organise information around key points.

4. Be a storyteller

You have to be a storyteller to deliver quality content. If your content does not stimulate user participation, involvement and interest, you will hardly achieve your learning objective. To do this, use:

5. Evaluate the results

If you do not evaluate the effectiveness of your online courses and the degree of user satisfaction, you cannot improve. Therefore, administer final tests, questionnaires, surveys that allow you to obtain statistics and feedback on the effectiveness of your content.

Why choose microlearning

We have already said it, but we will say it again: microlearning offers the possibility to learn quickly and effectively. The examples given here demonstrate how microlearning is an innovative, flexible and attractive approach.

Whether you are a company, an online training organisation or a freelancer wanting to deliver your own courses, we recommend the e-Logos e-learning platform from VITECO.

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