The Algebraic Garden

The game The Algebraic Garden is a jump-and-run-style game. The player can jump over objects and run left or right.  Each level consists of a horizontally scrollable “garden” that can contain platforms for the player to jump on. The different gardens should represent different cultures (also historic) and countries.

You always wanted to see the most beautiful gardens of the world. You told your parents about it, your friends, your teachers, and just about everyone else you know. But how to get to these places? Impossible! One night however, you fall asleep and are suddenly transported into a series of wonderful gardens! Fruits, diamonds, and very strange-looking mathematical signs are all over the place! After walking through the first garden for a while you start wondering how to get out again … Each garden seems to have an objective, and only by collecting the right items (and avoiding the wrong ones) can you hope to gain enough strength to open the gate that leads to the next garden and, finally, back home. But be careful! You have to answer some questions!

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